Clinica Dr. Spinedi
Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Spinedi
Via al Parco 27
CH 6644 Orselina

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After you leave, you will continue to be well cared for

After completion of your stay at the Clinic, the therapy should continue as out-patient treatment. Continuity of the treatment provides you with better results in your homeopathic therapy. The treatment continues to be followed by your assigned doctor and his supervisor.

Contact between you and your doctor is tailored to your individual needs, and, in case it is not possible for you to meet him in person, the contact will be maintained by telephone. E-mail, fax or letter.Your doctor will provide you with the necessary medication.

A personal outpatient visit in the clinic, at least once a year, has proven to bring benefits to the patient's condition. If necessary, a renewed stay in the clinic may also be scheduled.

When treating chronic illnesses, a network among your general practitioner, your medical specialists and your homeopathic physician will be put in place. All together should discuss to understand if further diagnostic or therapeutic steps are necessary. In this way, your therapy can be adapted in every respect to meet your individual needs.