Clinica Dr. Spinedi
Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Spinedi
Via al Parco 27
CH 6644 Orselina

Phone: 0041 91 7354 371
Fax: 0041 91 7354 374

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Reimbursement of Expenses

We are a private clinic, approved by the canton of Ticino, but not by the statutory health insurance companies. Statutory health insurance companies do not accept the cost of an inpatient stay. That is why it is important that the reimbursement of costs, by private as well as statutory insurance or a supplemental Swiss insurance, be clarified with your insurance company BEFORE your visit to the clinic! You will otherwise have no claim to a reimbursement of expenses.

Currently the EGK in Switzerland reimburses the cost of an inpatient stay.

To clarify payment by the insurance company, provide them with a cost estimate of the selected room category as well as patient information.