Clinica Dr. Spinedi
Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Spinedi
Via al Parco 27
CH 6644 Orselina

Phone: 0041 91 7354 371
Fax: 0041 91 7354 374

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Information regarding your stay

On the following pages we have collected for you the key information related to your stay at the Santa Croce Clinic.

A stay at the homeopathic clinic usually lasts 14 days. Following the initial medical consultation (detailed documentation of your case), this time is necessary for studying the selected homeopathic treatment at the clinic. It establishes optimal preparation for the continued outpatient therapy. You will be looked after by a team of physicians, consisting of your attending doctor and his supervisor. Following your inpatient treatment, you will continue to be treated by your clinic doctor. 


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