Clinica Dr. Spinedi
Homeopathic Clinic Dr. Spinedi
Via al Parco 27
CH 6644 Orselina

Phone: 0041 91 7354 371
Fax: 0041 91 7354 374

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Welcome to the Clinica Dr. Spinedi!

The Dr . Spinedi Clinic was founded in 1997 by Dr. Dario Spinedi, who still maintains the management of the structure.

At the Dr. Spinedi Clinic are treated primarily cancer patients or patients with chronic degenerative diseases. The treatment is followed with classical homeopathy in accompaniment with conventional therapies.


We are pleased to announce that the Dr. Spinedi Clinic has changed its rates. The new rates are more flexible and economical. 

For more information, we invite you to calculate the costs of your stay by clicking here.